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The Finishing Kick

" The miracle isn't that I finished, the miracle is that I had the courage to start." As rightly said in this quote, it was my courage and quest that made me start and now I am here, at the end line of my three months of fruitful internship with OpenStack. My takeaway from these three months includes infinite learning, overcoming all hurdles, asking help without hesitation and finally the most important- exploring numerous things. I am really really thankful to Outreachy for providing this opportunity and also leading from time to time to ensure that the interns make the best out of it. I have learned innumerable things during my internship period. The most important among those is the confidence that I have gained. This confidence has made me believe that nothing is impossible! It helped me to have the belief that I am a good FOSS contributor and can continue this as my future career. Secondly, the technical skills which include using 'git' effic

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